LocalNav is an activity-planning and metrics-gathering platform for hospitality and tourism organizations such as hotels, convention centers and destination marketing organizations. The LocalNav platform includes both desktop and mobile versions to help visitors quickly discover fun, interesting things to do based on their interests, where they’re staying, and how much time they have. Visitors can easily customize, share, and navigate their itineraries, allowing them to plan less, do more, and go explore.
As a hospitality or tourism organization, you can use LocalNav to extend your brand outside your venue, enhance the visitor experience, deepen your relationship with local merchants whom you can feature within a custom channel, and gain insights into visitors’ activities, preferences, and demographics. 

Fully Brand-able

Your custom channel looks and feels like your website. Visitors get a seamless, reassuring experience.

Fully Hosted

We host LocalNav for you, and take care of all the maintenance and upkeep, freeing you and your IT staff from any technical costs or concerns.

Fully Mobile

For visitors on-the-go, LocalNav provides a fully mobile experience, including an itinerary-follower with point- by-point directions.

Better, More Efficient Concierge

LocalNav helps your concierge help more visitors, while providing a better service, and more visibility into visitors’ actual experience.

More Control

The ability to feature preferred merchants in your points and itineraries means you can drive more traffic to local business partners.

More Insights

Tracking tools and analytics on visitor behavior and conversions allows you to know your guests better than you ever have before. 


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