LocalNav is for concierges

You know your guests, you know your city. You make sure your guests engage in a positive way with your property, whether they’re on-site or on-the-town. There's no way an app could ever do what you do.

But there are some challenges

Guests are increasingly digital and mobile - how do you make yourself digital and mobile?

Guests are connected all the time - they can message each other or post a review anywhere, anytime - how do you stay connected with them?

On social media, one bad review negates 10 good ones - how do you ensure guests send feedback to you before they post online?

Some guests never visit the desk; some visit but make their own reservations - how do you reach them all and keep track of where they go and whether they had a good time?

LocalNav can help you...

... Compete with self-service sites and apps

... Improve the guest experience

... Stay connected with guests wherever they are

... Understand where guests actually go and whether they enjoy themselves

... Become more relevant in a world that’s increasingly digital, mobile, and social

With LocalNav you can...
... Create your own template itineraries for your most common activities

... Quickly create custom, private itineraries for guests

... Access reports on which locations guests actually visit

... Provide specific instructions with a guest’s private itinerary

... Receive feedback directly from guests, allowing you to address issues before they get posted online

LocalNav is NOT virtual concierge!
Virtual concierge products replace human touch- points - they aim to replace you! Less engagement means less spend per guest and fewer repeat visits.
Does an app know which night is best to visit a particular restaurant? Does an app know how to get tickets to a sold-out show? Does an app care whether a guest is satisfied or not? Can an app go the extra mile?

No, but you do. That’s why we built LocalNav. We welcome your feedback, questions, and critiques. You know your job better than anyone. We need your help to make LocalNav the best tool it can be for concierges.

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